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Lunatic Librarian - I Bleed Rubies CD + t-shirt preorder

Image of Lunatic Librarian  - I Bleed Rubies CD  + t-shirt preorder


This preorder bundle includes the brand new album from LuniLi as well as a never before released t-shirt inspired from the album art...

From the depths of one of the most dark and cobweb-covered shelves in Luna Li’s collection comes “I Bleed Rubies: The Second Quaver Arcana!” Darkly romantic hip-hop at its finest, this is a collection of 12 dark faerie tale/fantasy themed songs written and produced by Lunatic Librarian. Featuring his eerily melodic synthesizer based production, ghastly hip-hop verses, and haunting sung hooks, this is not a release to sleep on! Open the Second Quaver Arcana…if you dare!!


  • Size - Small - 100% in stock
  • Size - Medium - 100% in stock
  • Size - Large - 99% in stock
  • Size - XL - 100% in stock
  • Size - 2XL - 100% in stock
  • Size - 3XL - 100% in stock
  • Size - 4XL - 100% in stock
  • Size - 5XL - 100% in stock