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Lunatic Librarian Media Bundle Presale

Image of Lunatic Librarian  Media Bundle Presale


Includes the brand new album "I Bleed Rubies" as well as the debut album "The Quaver Arcana"(22) and the brand new single currently streaming on all major platforms "Princess R.E.M." featuring Lex The Hex Master, Renaissance Manson, Heathenous & Komatose.

From the depths of one of the most dark and cobweb-covered shelves in Luna Li’s collection comes “I Bleed Rubies: The Second Quaver Arcana!” Darkly romantic hip-hop at its finest, this is a collection of 12 dark faerie tale/fantasy themed songs written and produced by Lunatic Librarian. Featuring his eerily melodic synthesizer based production, ghastly hip-hop verses, and haunting sung hooks, this is not a release to sleep on! Open the Second Quaver Arcana…if you dare!!