Jager Slam 2 Tickets

$20.00 - $30.00
Jager Slam 2 Tickets

Do you enjoy a drunken good time? Do you enjoy seeing live concerts that give you artist after artist who will murder the stage for you? Do you love Jager?

Well let me tell you, we all do too...

This is why in 2023 we bring you JagerSlam2!!!

We can't keep it to 1 night this year we going 2. That's right we're going Friday December 1st and Saturday December 2nd at the best venue for food, drinks, and a great show: Carl's Tavern in New Haven Indiana.

This night is gonna be a drunken great time with a randomized line-up of stage killers

Did I mention randomized? That is right, The Jager World Order PJ the Jagerman and Big Sherm the JagerGod are bringing the Wheel of Fate with us. Nobody will be left off this wheel. We will spin to find out who is your next stage killer.

This means nobody knows who is going on first nor headlining. The wheel will decide. What happens when the wheel stops on a vacant spot? You will have to be in the house to see.

Come on out for great food, great underground music, and Jager specials!
Day 1 - Friday December 1st only
This is a Friday only ticket. This will get you into the festivities for Friday December 1st

Day 2 - Saturday December 2nd only
This is a Saturday only ticket. This will get you into the festivities for Saturday December 2nd

Weekend Ticket (Fri & Sat)
This is the weekend pass this will get you in both days of the Wild Jager festivities this means you know how to have fun